A colossal 12.5-pound cat has been creating a buzz on social media in recent days.

Yulia Minina, who lives in Oskol, Russia, bought the cat nearly two years ago when it was just a young kitten. But after a period of nurturing, the cat grew rapidly, shocking the owner and neighbors.

Stunned by the giant appearance of a 12.5 pound cat
Yulia Minina named the cat Kefir, with white fur, like a Maine Coon cat. Currently the 22 month old cat weighs about 12.5 pound.


The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world. This giant cat is not only beautiful but also extremely attractive because of its aristocratic and royal appearance.

In fact, this large cat breed comes in many different colors. Maine Coon cat fur can be white, classic brown, salt and pepper, hima or even calico. Maine Coon eyes are usually green, yellow or amber.

Mèo Kefir thường bị người lạ tưởng nhầm là chó vì quá to. Ảnh: SWNS

Yulia Minina said: “I don’t think it’s an ordinary cat. It’s so big, many people think it’s a dog. Not only does it impress with its unusual appearance, the cat Kefir is very smart , agile. Unlike its big and scary appearance, the cat is quite gentle.”

Nga: Nặng gần 13kg, kích thước khổng lồ, được cho là con mèo lớn nhất thế giới

When friends and acquaintances come to Yulia Minina’s house, all attention is focused on the cat, which is very ready for everyone to caress and caress. The owner shared that the cat has a habit of sleeping with people at night. However, when Kefir was just a kitten, it did not cause any effects. Now, with its oversized size, the cat is big, heavy and can no longer sleep with Yulia Minina.

Mèo khổng lồ nặng 12,5 kg, thường bị nhầm là chó

Kafir cat when he was young “The cat is 22 months old, weighs 12.5 pound, but Maine Coons cats can grow to 3-4 years old, so Kefir is still bigger,” said Yulia Minina.

After sharing pictures of her pet cat on social networks, many people said that Yulia Minina used photoshop photo editing technology to make the cat bigger, but Yulia denied this.

Mèo Kefir - Con mèo trắng lông dài tại Nga được coi là to lớn nhất thế giới

On her personal Instagram page, Yulia also regularly shares many photos of Kefir, attracting thousands of likes from followers. She recorded a video of herself to prove her cat is really giant.

Mèo khổng lồ” xinh đẹp khiến dân mạng "phát sốt”

A Maine Coon cat named Barivel, living in Italy, has been honored by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest living domestic cat in the world. Barivel is 1.2 meters long, setting a record on May 22, 2018.

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