“Actress Gal Gadot Takes Her Daughter on an Ice Cream Adventure and Bookstore Visit in Studio City”

On a Thursday afternoon, Gal Gadot was spotted taking her two older daughters out for a stroll in Studio City. The 36-year-old actress, famously known for her role in Wonder Woman, held one of her daughter’s hands as they made their way to an ice cream shop after stopping at a bookstore. Gal has three daughters- ten-year-old Alma, four-year-old Maya, and six-month-old Daniella, whom she shares with her husband and producing partner, Yaron Varsano.

Doting mom: Gal Gadot was seen taking her two eldest daughters out for a walk in Studio City on Thursday afternoon

Gal Gadot, a loving mother, was spotted strolling around Studio City with her two eldest daughters on Thursday afternoon. To keep warm in the chilly weather, the Red Notice actress wore a dark green zip-up hooded jacket and complemented it with multicolored leggings that accentuated her figure. She completed her look with black Ugg-style boots and tied her beautiful brunette hair in a loose bun. Being mindful of the ongoing pandemic, Gadot wore a white facial covering during her public outing.


Staying warm: Gadot layered up in the wintertime chill with a dark green zip-up hooded jacket

Keeping cozy: Gadot bundled up to beat the cold weather by wearing a hooded jacket in a shade of dark green.

Taking precaution: At one point, she donned a white facial covering to keep herself protected from COVID-19 while spending time in public

Exercising caution: She was seen wearing a white face mask in public, taking preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19. Gadot and Varsano first crossed paths at a party held in the Israeli desert back in 2006 and have been inseparable since. The couple got engaged two years later and soon tied the knot that same year. They later decided to expand their family and welcomed Alma in 2011. In 2017, Maya became the newest addition to their family, and last June, Gadot shared the news of giving birth to their third daughter, Daniella.

Starting off strong: Gadot and Varsano, 46, initially met at a party that was hosted in the Israeli desert in 2006, and they formed a close relationship afterward; they are seen in 2021

Beginning on a high note: Gadot and Varsano’s love story began at a party held in the heart of the Israeli desert in 2006, where they hit it off and developed a strong bond. Cut to the present day, and the couple is still going strong in 2021.


In a recent interview with InStyle, Gadot opened up about her parenting style and emphasized her desire to shield her children from the public eye as much as possible. While she’s open about many aspects of her life, she’s very protective when it comes to her family. Gadot also noted that she makes a clear distinction between her responsibilities as an actress and a parent, likening her work on set to flying a kite before returning home to focus on her main role as a mother.

Being careful: Gadot spoke about her qualities as a parent during a recent interview with InStyle, where she expressed that she wanted to make sure that her children were shielded from the public; she is seen with her husband in 2020

Taking precautions: Gadot discussed her parenting skills in a recent InStyle interview, emphasizing her desire to keep her children protected from the media. In a photo from 2020, she can be seen with her husband.


During a conversation, Gadot opened up about her pregnancy and shared that despite the difficulties she faced, she had some incredible experiences while bringing her children into the world. She expressed her love for giving birth and even mentioned that she would do it every week if given an opportunity. Gadot acknowledged that pregnancy was tough for her, as she often felt sick and suffered from migraines. However, she emphasized that the feeling of creating life was magical. Moving on, Gadot talked about her husband Varsano and their journey of growth together. She stated that their connection was strong from the beginning, before she became a movie star, and that he supported her out of love, not fame.

Devoted husband: Gadot concluded the interview by speaking about her marriage to Varsano, who had stayed with her since her pre-acting days; they are seen in 2020

Gadot shared about her loving and committed relationship with her husband, Varsano. He has been her constant support since before she started her acting career. The couple can be seen together in a photo from 2020.

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