“Chic Miami Mom Shakira Flaunts Her Style with Cute Little Cubs by Her Side”

It is advised not to disturb a She Wolf and her cubs. Shakira, who is a devoted mother, ensured that her boys were safe by her side as they strolled through Miami airport on Sunday. She made sure to keep a tight grip on them as they navigated their way through the arrivals section after their flight.

On Sunday, Shakira journeyed to Miami with her two children, initiating an exciting new chapter for the musician. Her outfit – a green vest, blue jeans, and combat boots – was effortlessly chic and stunning on the 40-year-old. Despite her high-profile career, Shakira disclosed that her attention is now centered on her family, particularly her two sons Milan and Sasha. Both are fathered by Gerard Pique, a football star and Shakira’s partner. In the past, she had prioritized her career above all else, but now she cherishes her role as a mother and relishes in it. Shakira believes that creating a family is the most important and wonderful thing she has ever done.

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