Empowering Transformation: Warrior Princess Embarks on a Journey to Embrace Feminine Radiance Through Weight Change!

Gal Gadot had to do heavy exercises and eat enough food to gain 8kg to play Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman.

Her appearance in the movie is very seductive.

The beauty of the Israeli model makes comic book fans satisfied.

According to the description in the story, Wonder Woman is an Amazon superhero.

As a female Amazon warrior, Wonder Woman has a plump, tall figure.

While Gal Gadot has a slim body.

Therefore, to have a suitable figure for the role, the beauty must gain weight.

The beautiful, sharp face of an Israeli beauty.

She had to gain 8 kg to be able to play the role.

Gal once reached the top 15 of Miss Universe.

She said she used to be very skinny, so gaining weight for work was not easy.

It took her many months to have a beautiful, attractive, healthy body.

The beauty practices kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu…

In addition, she also practices TRX and Pilates.

The beauty also practices cardio to reduce fat.

She often changes many exercises to avoid boredom.

Regarding diet, beauties eat a lot of vitamin-rich vegetables such as spinach and kale. cabbage…

And fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples.

To have good muscles for exercise, she also eats a lot of protein.


Thanks to strict diet and exercise, the beauty has a more perfect figure.

She has a very mysterious and strong beauty.

Gal sees that her old image is not beautiful.

Her plump beauty makes her feel more confident.

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