“From One Fast and Furious Star to Another: Paul Walker’s Valuable Advice to Vin Diesel Before the Franchise’s Kickoff”

The Fast and Furious movie series has made an astounding $5 billion in total revenue. Paul Walker’s advice to Vin Diesel just before the premiere of the first movie had a strong impact. Fans and the franchise were deeply affected by the tragic loss of Walker.

The Fast and Furious series is undeniably one of the most popular and profitable film franchises ever made. Thanks to this, its stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have become household names in the entertainment industry. It’s reported that the franchise has earned more than 5 billion dollars, making it one of the highest-grossing movie series of the 21st century. However, what many fans may not know is that before the first movie premiered, Paul Walker gave some impactful advice to his co-star Vin Diesel. Sadly, Walker’s sudden death had a profound impact on both fans and the franchise. It’s worth noting that even though Walker began acting as a child and gained recognition for his roles in The Young and the Restless, She’s All That, and Varsity Blues, he didn’t have a breakout role that would take his career to the next level until the success of Fast and Furious.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in 2009

The Fast and the Furious was a perfect match for action stars Diesel and Walker, showcasing their talents and launching them into stardom. Despite some nerves about taking on a new project, Walker believed in the potential of the film and its success. His prediction that it would be their last moment of anonymity proved to be true as the film grossed over $206 million, leading to the creation of a franchise that launched the careers of many actors, including Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Ludacris. The franchise’s success went beyond the box office, with fans of all ages and backgrounds eagerly awaiting each new installment and even leading to video games, toys, and a theme park ride. Diesel’s success extended to other major franchises, earning him a net worth of over $220 million. Sadly, Walker’s unexpected death in 2013 had a profound effect on fans and his family, as he was a key part of the franchise’s success and deeply missed by many.

Paul Walker at Eight Below premiere 2006

After the sudden passing of Paul Walker during the production of Furious 7, filming was paused and his brothers, Cody and Caleb, were brought in to help complete his remaining scenes. Rather than having Walker’s character pass away, the producers decided to have him go his separate ways and focus on raising his family. Furious 7 was dedicated to Walker’s memory and a tribute song called “See You Again” became one of the biggest hits of the decade. The film grossed over $1.5 billion globally and is one of the highest-grossing films in the franchise. Although Walker starred in other successful movies like Eight Below, Flags of Our Fathers, and Into the Blue, he will always be remembered for his role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast Furious films. Vin Diesel, who was not only Walker’s co-star but also his friend, has been deeply affected by his passing and has made him a core inspiration for the continuation of the franchise. In a recent Instagram post, Diesel expressed his gratitude for their eternal brotherhood and hopes to make Walker proud.

Cast of Fast and Furious at film's 2009 premiere

According to CNN, Diesel had the honor of walking Meadow Walker down the aisle at her wedding in October 2021. Diesel has been a steadfast friend to Meadow since she lost her father at the age of fifteen. His personal values and beliefs, much like his character Dominick Toretto, are heavily centered around the significance of family in his life and career. Paul Walker was not just a close friend to Diesel, but someone he considered a brother.

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