How to Plant and Care for Violets

Violet is a wild-growing flower with sweet purple. This flower has been loved and worshiped by many girls as a symbol of fidelity. Gradually, flowers also became the preferred flower on every occasion Tet returned. It is also understandable that many people want to grow these beautiful flowers by themselves. So today, you guys, let’s go flower38do learn about how to plant and take care of violet flowers Oh okay!

How to grow and take care of violet flowers

About violet flower

How to Plant And Cham Soc Trang Violet

Violet flowers have a scientific name of Saintpaulia, the English name is African violet. This is a beautiful flower that is easy to grow, blooming all year round without care.

This plant is quite diverse with hundreds of types and designs. Violet flowers mainly bloom in the spring, lower, autumn, but if provided with enough light, winter plants can also flower. Brilliant floral shades with purple, red, white, blue, pink or phase colors. Small trees, flower colors and leaves have a change, very popular in Europe America. Violet flowers have long been selected by Vietnamese people as indispensable flowers for Tet distillation so this flower is also grown quite popular

Violet flowers are also resistant to toxic gases such as SO2, H2S. Essential oils of flowers inhibit the effects of bacilli and staph. The aroma of flowers has a relaxing effect, giving a refreshing feeling to humans.

How to grow violet flowers

Choose the foot of the sandy soil, light meat, active water, if the acid soil (pH <5.5) requires an additional 20-25kg of lime powder before tillage. Thoroughly tillage, up and down 60-80cm wide; 20-25cm high, planted with a density of 20x30cm/ tree or 30x30cm / tree.

Propagate by seeding, immersion seeds for 24-36 hours, water change date 2 times, cleanse sour water. Cutting the seeds incubated at a cool temperature of 22-25 ° C for 7-10 days is a pineapple fang, sown is medium. Before incubation should be immersed in Daconil 50BTN or Zineb 80WP solution of 0.3% concertration for 1 hor to kill pathogens that exist in the seed pod.

How to Plant And Cham Soc Page Violet

Sow seeds like sowing seeds, covering for the first 20 days. Sowing density of 2-3g seeds / m2. When plants have 1-2 real leaves (25-30 days) planted. Do not plant when seedlings have >2 real leaves, powering plants will be low, few branches, fast powering, yield, poor power quality.

Sow seeds in early October, planted in November. Harvest flowers from February to April next year.

How to take care of violet flowers

It is necessary to ensure regular moisture because if the air is too dry it will reduce the gloss of the leaves, affecting the aesthetic value of the tree.

How to Plant And Cham Soc Page Violet

It is necessary to water immediately after fixing the plants and sprouts. If watering is too much water, wait until the soil in the pot is completely dry and then continue to water, because if the pot is stagnant, the water will rot the tree.

It is necessary to ensure that fertilization periodically helps plants grow well. In about 10 – 20 days, a fertilizer solution should be applied once. Should use thin fertilization. During the growing period, for every 7 days, it is advisable to apply once the dilute or synthetic fertilizers, paying attention to reducing the appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer, because if the leaves grow thick will belect the powering process. When flowering, add nitrogen phosphate.

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