“Is Messi’s Career in Jeopardy? Injury Concerns Loom Large for the Football Legend”

Lionel Messi's international career has never felt closer to oblivion |  World Cup 2022 | The Guardian

During Inter Miami’s 1-1 draw against New York City on September 30, coach Gerardo Martino shed some light on the health concerns of Lionel Messi. The Argentine star has been facing some health issues ever since he returned from international competition with the reigning world champions in mid-September. This is why he was also not part of the squad for Inter Miami’s final match in the US Open Cup, which ended with a 1-2 loss to Houston Dynamo on September 27. A journalist asked about Messi’s retirement, but no information was given on that topic.

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Coach Martino has addressed concerns about Lionel Messi’s recent injury, reassuring fans that the Barcelona legend’s health will not be jeopardized for any match, even an important one like the final. He emphasized that the club values the well-being of its players above all else. Additionally, Martino stated that the team will continue to focus on showcasing their strengths in every game, whether or not Messi is on the field. The coach plans to evaluate Messi’s condition before the upcoming match against Chicago on October 4, and if he is deemed fit to play, he will participate.


Coach Martino is expressing his worry over Messi’s unstable health condition, which has led to the decision of benching him if needed. Despite Messi’s desire to play, the medical department deems it risky for his recovery, similar to the previous game against Cincinnati. The team is cautious of his injury and does not want to risk further damage as the season is long. A well-known journalist specializing in health and education, Caden De Lisa, has also shared concerning news about Messi’s thigh muscle injury. According to his source, Messi has a serious problem with a 2 cm fracture in his thigh muscle confirmed by an MRI, which could likely cause him to miss the rest of the MLS season. This update is sad news for Inter Miami fans.


According to reports, Lionel Messi sustained an injury during Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match against Ecuador and aggravated it during a match against Toronto. It is feared that this injury could lead to his retirement due to the pain it may cause. While there is no official confirmation on how Messi is treating his injury, writer Caden De Lisa has received criticism for not providing enough information and has added that only time will tell if his prediction is true or false.


In mid-September, Messi was taken off in a match against Ecuador and was later substituted in the 89th minute in a 1-0 victory. Since returning to Barcelona from the Argentina national team, he has only played once in Miami’s game against Toronto on September 20. There are no confirmed reports yet if Messi will play for Inter Miami in the coming weeks as the team continues to strive towards securing a playoff spot. The Argentinian team’s medical department cited fatigue as the reason for his substitution in the previous match.

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