Jennifer Lawrence showed off the first round at the film press conference

The American “The Hunger Games” wore tight shirts, no bra use, revealing a full first round at the “Passengers” movie introduction event starring her.


4/12 evening, Jennifer Lawrence attend a press conference to introduce the new movie “Passengers” at CinemaCon 2016 held in Las Vegas, USA.


The American “The Hunger Games” wore a tight black body shirt, not “shielding” the first round with a bra.


Actor The 25-year-old confidently showed off on the red carpet.


In the $ 150 million film, Jennifer Lawrence will play with Chris Pratt – actor “Jurassic World”.


“Passengers” tells of the love story that takes place in the future, set on a spaceship carrying thousands of hibernating passengers. Jennifer Lawrence plays the female writer.


Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are two names that guarantee box office sales for many of the screenings last time such as the series “The Hunger Games” or” Jurassic World”. The manufacturer expects “Passengers” to have similar success.


Jennifer Lawrence was happy to play with her partner in the press.

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