Jennifer Lawrence was under extreme pressure when she won an Oscar

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Winning an Oscar is a highlight of many actors’ careers. However Jennifer Lawrence struggled with a new reputation, with a loss of control over her career after winning this prestigious award.

Winning an Oscar is the goal of many actors in Hollywood. Become an Oscar recipient, means that the performance of that year is better than any other year and takes the winner to a new level of popularity they’ve never experienced. However, with England rose Jennifer Lawrence, this award left her out of control over her career for a long time.

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Jennifer Lawrence was under extreme pressure when she won an Oscar.

When Lawrence won an Oscar, she was 22 years old. At this time, the “American Hustle” star still could not believe that she would go home with a prestigious award. In fact, for many years after winning the prize, Lawrence still did not agree with his victory. Lawrence said she felt out of control with her life after the victory. Specifically, the worst thing Lawrence faces, is that she feels that her career decisions are no longer in herself. Instead, they belong to her career managers.

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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the young film actresses who has a young age but has achieved great success, become one of Hollywood’s female smarts. Before that, the role of an anonymous young widow in the emotional film Silver Linings Playbook (2012) earned her the Academy Award for Best Actress best, help her become the second best young actress at the age of 22.

In addition, Lawrence also won the BAFTA Award for Best Leading Actress with supporting roles in American Hustle (2013). Lawrence also received the Golden Globe Award for his role as chief financial officer Joy Mangano in the biography film Joy (2015).

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