“Laughing with Seth Meyers and His Wife: Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Long-Held Crush”

On Seth Meyers’ show, there was a fun and charming moment where the host had a playful conversation with his wife, Alexi Ashe, who expressed her joy in a humorous way. Additionally, Jennifer Lawrence candidly admitted her admiration for Seth, which she has had for quite some time.

Encouraging: Seth Meyers recently shared a surprising response from his wife, Alexi Ashe, when she found out that Jennifer Lawrence had been crushing on him for quite some time. This occurred in the year 2023.

The talk show host, aged 49, revealed that he felt honored after the Oscar-winning actress confessed her feelings for the Emmy winner during her 2016 appearance on his show. This revelation came up in a conversation about their crushes.

On an episode of The Howard Stern Show, Seth Meyers shared his wife’s joy after Jennifer Lawrence revealed her past crush on him. However, Meyers claims he was completely oblivious due to being engaged to his now-wife at the time. The comedian also mentioned that during his long tenure on SNL, he never had the energy or interest to flirt with anyone. Meyers even joked that Lawrence’s past crush on him “reflects poorly” on her taste in men since she ended up marrying someone else.

Back in 2015, during her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she had a crush on Seth Meyers and planned to ask him out years before. She admitted to creating a romantic scenario in her head out of delusion. Though she initially expected Seth to make the first move, she changed her mind and decided to ask him out during a costume fitting. Fortunately, she consulted the wardrobe lady beforehand, who informed her that Seth was already engaged.

Meyers and Ashe are still going strong. The two lovebirds got engaged in July 2013, after meeting each other for the first time at a wedding in 2008. Ashe is also a human rights attorney. (A photo of the couple from 2019 is included.)

A great match: In the meantime, Maroney and Lawrence tied the knot in October 2019 following their one-year courtship. They were spotted together in 2023.

The exchange between the two hosts was a pleasant and entertaining display, showcasing the inviting and amiable ambience of the program. The cheerful quip from Alexi and the genuine confession from Jennifer evoked a sense of warmth and contentment in the viewers. This lighthearted and amusing segment serves as a reminder that mirth and sincerity are vital in fostering happiness and rapport, rendering it a delightful and unforgettable segment of the show.

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