“Oops! Jennifer Lawrence stuns in a daring corset dress but has a clumsy moment leaving a London club”

Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in a low-cut Dior dress during the global fan screening of X-Men: Apocalypse in London. She continued to flaunt her cleavage at Tape nightclub, where she partied with her co-stars until the early hours of the morning. The actress wore a floral corset-style dress that nearly revealed too much on Monday night, and even had another stumble on the way into the event. Check out more photos of Jennifer Lawrence in her daring outfit in London.

Busty display: Jennifer Lawrence, 25, nearly spilled out of a corset style dress she wore in London on Monday night

Jennifer Lawrence, who is 25 years old, put on a busty display at an event in London on Monday night. The actress wore a corset-style dress which showed off her gorgeous figure. The dress was tight-fitting and stopped just above her knee. It was black in color and adorned with pretty floral embellishments in shades of mauve and rosy pink. Jennifer’s slender legs were on display thanks to the spaghetti straps that held up the dress and the bra-inspired neckline.

Careful! After stumbling on the red carpet earlier in the night, Jen nearly tripped again and was helped by her security outside the club

Be cautious! Jen had a close call on the red carpet earlier and almost tripped once again before being assisted by her security personnel while exiting the club.

Steady! The Hollywood beauty appeared to nearly topple over on her heels in the wet weather

Take it slow! In the rainy weather, the stunning Hollywood actress seemed to almost lose her balance in her high heels.

Not her night: Earlier in the evening, Jen suffered yet another fall in front of the world's cameras as she hit the soggy blue carpet for the premiere of her new movie

It wasn’t Jen’s lucky night as she took another tumble in front of the global media earlier in the evening. The mishap occurred when she stepped on the damp blue carpet during the premiere of her latest film.

The stunning blonde chose to style her sleek, shoulder-length platinum hair in gentle waves, swept away from her face. To complement her bold outfit, she went for a striking plum smokey eye with a matte finish, enhanced by black eyeliner and fake lashes. Adding another layer of drama, she opted for a deep rosy lip color. Completing her sultry look were a pair of alluring black lace-up stilettos and a stunning white opaque gemstone ring, worn on her wedding finger, which elevated the ensemble.

Girls' night out! The Oscar-winning actress put on a busty display as she stepped out to a nightclub

A fun-filled girls’ night out has been captured! The actress, who has won an Oscar, showcased her ample bosom as she made her way to a nightclub.

Lingerie-like: The Hunger Games star's ample bosom was on full display in the corset style dress which was held up by two thin spaghetti straps and a bra-inspired neckline

The actress from The Hunger Games showcased her generous cleavage in a dress resembling lingerie. The attire was designed with a corset-style bodice, held together by delicate spaghetti straps and a bra-like neckline.

Flawless! Jennifer showcased her enviable figure in the form-fitting gown which hit just above her knee

Absolutely perfect! Jennifer flaunted her admirable physique in a tight-fitting dress that reached slightly above her knees.

Stepping out! Rounding out the Hunger Games star's smouldering night on the town ensemble was a pair of sexy black lace up stilettos

Taking a stroll! Completing the ensemble of the Hunger Games actor’s stunning night out look were a pair of alluring black stilettos featuring lace-up detailing.

Eye-popping! Lawrence opted for a plum smokey matte eye, black liner and false eyelashes for a dramatic look

Wow! Jennifer Lawrence went for a bold plum smokey eye with black liner and false eyelashes to create a striking look. However, the star experienced a mishap outside the Mayfair club, tripping over in her high heels due to the wet weather. She had to rely on her minder for support to regain balance. To add to her misfortune, Jennifer had another tumble on the blue carpet at the premiere of her latest film, which was captured by the media.

Details: Lawrence also showed off a large white opaque gemstone ring she wore on her wedding ring finger

Lawrence flaunted a substantial white gemstone ring on the finger where one usually wears wedding rings. The ring was opaque and had an imposing appearance.

Mane attraction: The blonde beauty wore her silky shoulder-length platinum locks in soft waves

Main focus: The stunning blonde showcased her shoulder-length, platinum tresses styled in gentle, flowing waves.

Working woman! The A-list actress was likely exhausted after a long day of promoting her highly anticipated film X-Men: Apocalypse which is due in theaters May 27

Working woman! The A-list actress was likely exhausted after a long day of promoting her highly anticipated film X-Men: Apocalypse which is due in theaters May 27

The famous actress, who is always on the go, must have been worn out after a tiring day of promoting her upcoming movie X-Men: Apocalypse, which is set to release on May 27th.

Curves: Jennifer showed off her famous figure in her barely there party dress 

Jennifer flaunted her renowned physique in a revealing party dress while hanging out with her British co-stars, Sophie Turner and former EastEnders actor Ben Hardy. The trio hit up a club, taking a break from promoting their latest film, X-Men: Apocalypse. Jennifer returns as the mutant Mystique and her human guise Raven Darkholme in this installment. Having taken over Rebecca Romijn’s role in the previous movies, Jennifer also starred in X-Men: First Class in 2011 and X-Men: Days Of Future Past in 2014.

Quick touch up: A tired looking Jen was seen checking her makeup before making her entrance at the after party

Quick touch up: A tired looking Jen was seen checking her makeup before making her entrance at the after party

Jen, who appeared exhausted, was spotted touching up her makeup before arriving at the post-celebration event.

Curve appeal: The actress' ample assets were hard to miss as she arrived at the Mayfair club

The actress made quite an entrance at the Mayfair club with her noticeable curves.

Star coming through! The blonde took the arm of a minder as she made her way inside

Star coming through! The blonde took the arm of a minder as she made her way inside

“Look out, here comes a star!” exclaimed the blonde as she linked arms with her security guard and entered the building.

Plenty of help: Jennifer was surrounded by some helping hands as she made her way inside in her towering heels

Jennifer received ample assistance from a group of individuals as she entered the building in her high heels.

Leading the way: Jennifer took the arm of her security as she walked the short distance from the car to club

Jennifer confidently walked towards the club with her security guard by her side, leading the way and ensuring her safety.

Nearly there! The star's helpful aide wrapped his arm around her waist as he helped her negotiate the crowds

We’re almost at the finish line! The assistant to the famous celebrity provided some assistance by putting his arm around her waist and guiding her through the bustling crowd.
The newest addition to the series features Apocalypse, an all-powerful mutant who has been in hibernation for thousands of years. Upon awakening, he enlists the help of Famine, Death, Pestilence, and War with the goal of wiping out humanity and creating a new world according to his desires. The film boasts an impressive cast including Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, Olivia Munn, and Nicholas Hoult, who was previously in a relationship with actress Jennifer.

She's got some front! The actress flashed her cleavage as she left the party and got in her car

Wow, talk about bold! Exiting the party, the actress proudly displayed her cleavage while getting into her vehicle.

Making her exit: The star was still looking flawless in her glam outfit as the night went on

As the night progressed, the celebrity made her departure and still managed to look absolutely flawless in her glamorous outfit.

Calling it a night: Jennifer made a dash to her waiting car 

Closing out the evening: Jennifer hurriedly made her way to her awaiting vehicle.

Squeezing in! Jen flashed a look at her legs as she climbed into the backseat

“Making room!” Jen glanced down at her lower limbs as she maneuvered herself into the rear of the car.

Graceful exit: The actress was careful to not reveal too much in her revealing dress 

The actress gracefully made her way out without divulging too much while wearing her revealing dress.

Busting out! Jennifer's tiny dress had its work cut out containing her assets

Jennifer’s dress was struggling to contain her curves as she made a bold entrance.

In March 2015, Lawrence made an announcement that her latest appearance in the franchise would be her last. The upcoming movie is the ninth one in the series, adapted from the Marvel comic book titled X-Men. Bryan Singer has directed the film, which will release on May 27, and it is expected to be a huge success.

Joining the party: The actress' X-Men co-star Sophie Turner was seen heading to the after party in her glam premiere look

Being part of the celebration: The after-party was graced by none other than Sophie Turner, who joined in with her X-Men co-star. She looked stunning in her premiere outfit.

Leggy lady: Sophie looked incredible in skin-tight jeans teamed with a racy skin-flashing top

Leggy lady: Sophie looked incredible in skin-tight jeans teamed with a racy skin-flashing top

Stylish stunner: Sophie rocked a pair of snug-fit jeans paired with a daring top that showed off her skin.

Who's that girl? Oscar Isaac was seen hopping into a car with a mystery brunette at the end of the night

Do you know who the lucky lady is? Oscar Isaac was spotted getting into a vehicle alongside an unidentified brunette after a night out.

Friend of a friend? The pretty brunette was clad in a skintight gown and looked to be friends with actress Alexandra Shipp (L) who stars in the flick

Do we have a mutual friend? A gorgeous lady in a form-fitting dress caught my attention. She seemed to be acquainted with Alexandra Shipp (left), the actress who is featured in the movie.

Time to party! Ben Hardy hit the club with his glam girlfriend Katriona Perrett

It’s time to celebrate! Ben Hardy and his stunning partner Katriona Perrett headed out to the club for a fun night out.

Simply stunning: Gorgeous US actress Alexandra  who stars in the X-Men movie wowed in a lace up dress

Absolutely breathtaking: The beautiful American actress, Alexandra, who plays a role in the X-Men film, looked stunning in a dress with laces.

Joining the fun! David Furnish was also seen heading to the club night 

David Furnish was spotted on his way to a club night, adding to the fun. In other news, during an interview with Extra, the actress talked about her experience filming the first X-Men movies while dating co-star Nicholas Hoult and how he hated the smell of paint that clung to her after work. Earlier in the evening, Jennifer arrived at the London screening of X-Men: Apocalypse wearing a stunning Dior dress but unfortunately, had another fall on entry due to rain. Fortunately, she landed on an aide’s shoulder and continued into the event where she joined her co-stars James McAvoy, Olivia Munn, and Sophie Turner. This is not the first time Jennifer has stumbled at a public event, as she has become more well-known for her falls than her fashion ensembles.

Standing tall: Jennifer Lawrence looked incredible as she turned out for the X-Men: Apocalypse global fan screening in London on Monday night, but was yet to suffer another fall from grace

Looking stunning as ever, Jennifer Lawrence graced the X-Men: Apocalypse global fan screening in London on Monday night. However, fans were relieved to see that she managed to stay on her feet and avoid any embarrassing falls this time around.

Busty display: Her dress revealed her ample chest

Red-lipped: She completed the display with a scarlet lip

The Hollywood beauty made quite an entrance in a stunning silver silk dress with a unique keyhole design. However, she’s had her fair share of embarrassing moments caught on camera, with the most notable being her tumble up some stairs at the Madrid premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. Unfortunately for her, this isn’t new as she’s had similar mishaps at previous Oscars ceremonies. The most famous being her iconic trip on the stairs while receiving her Best Actress Oscar award for Silver Linings Playbook in 2013. Jennifer’s Dior Haute Couture gown caused the fall and pictures of her giggling on the stairs went viral. Recently, she experienced yet another fall in front of cameras at a London fan event.

Woah! She contorted her body to regain her balance but it almost seemed like it was too late

Wow! She twisted her body to steady herself, but it appeared as though she had almost lost her balance.

During the 2013 Academy Awards, Jennifer stumbled on her large Dior couture dress as she made her way to the stage to receive her Best Actress Oscar.

Not again! At the Oscars the following year, in 2014, Jennifer tripped over a traffic cone on the red carpet and was helped up by then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult

Oh no, not again! Jennifer Lawrence had another mishap at the Oscars in 2014 when she stumbled over a traffic cone on the red carpet. Luckily, her boyfriend at the time, Nicholas Hoult, was there to assist her back to her feet.

Woops: The stunner was all flailing limbs

In a heap: She landed in a heap on the red carpet steps

Jennifer Lawrence has had a few embarrassing falls during public events, including the Madrid premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and the Oscars. Despite these falls, she is known for having a good sense of humor and often brushes them off and makes fun of herself. Some critics have suggested that her clumsiness is all an act, but Jennifer has addressed this by saying that she tries to do the right thing by waving to fans and being nice, but sometimes accidents happen. She admits that on the inside, she is aware that people may think it’s an act, but she finds it funny nonetheless.

Turning heads: She'd put on quite an incredible display for the cameras that night

Causing a stir: Her performance in front of the cameras that evening was truly remarkable.

Cheeky: The dress even shared a glimpse of her pert behind, which she presented with a 360 in front of the cameras

Playful: The dress gave a teasing peek of her perky behind, which she playfully showcased by doing a 360 turn in front of the cameras.

Easy does it: The blonde had to steady herself as she passed through the crowds

The blonde woman had to maintain her balance as she made her way through the bustling crowd. She expressed that if she were to plan something, she wouldn’t have done it at two consecutive Oscars but rather at the Golden Globes or the SAGs. She even boasted about being crafty by citing her love for the show Homeland. Despite appearing to have a good night on Monday, Jennifer took a spill on the blue carpet while being surrounded by eager fans and camera flashes. She wore a sleek dress that showcased a keyhole design on her chest and accentuated her ample assets. The dress had an elegant high neckline with an alluring backless feature that was tied together with a seductive criss-cross pattern.

Awkward: Jennifer and James McAvoy, along with Oscar Isaac appeared to have been caught at an awkward moment

Rewritten: It seemed like Jennifer and James McAvoy, accompanied by Oscar Isaac, were caught in an uncomfortable situation.

An eye on the neckline: Jennifer's right-hand woman seemed to be on hand to keep a check on her neckline

Keeping an eye on the neckline: Jennifer’s trusted assistant appeared to be present to monitor the level of exposure around her neck area.

No busting out: It was essential to have someone on hand to keep her ample chest in the right place, it seemed

Avoiding wardrobe malfunctions: It appeared to be crucial to have someone present to ensure her generous bosom stayed in place.

Turning heads: Jennifer also seemed to distract director Simon Kinberg (right)

Jennifer caught the attention of director Simon Kinberg, causing him to lose focus.

Gorgeous girls: The female cast, includes Olivia Munn, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner and Alexandra Shipp

Stunning women make up the female cast, featuring the likes of Olivia Munn, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, and Alexandra Shipp.

Simply stunning: Jennifer looked every inch the Hollywood leading lady during her big night

Jennifer was an absolute vision of a Hollywood superstar as she graced the spotlight on her special evening.

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