“Shakira’s Unbreakable Spirit Prevails: Overcoming a Wild Boar Encounter in Barcelona Park”

Recently, Shakira had a rather frightening encounter with some untamed creatures. Nonetheless, she seemed to be in high spirits as she was spotted for the first time since the incident. The famous musician, who is 44 years old, was observed leisurely walking down the street in a casual ensemble that included a Grateful Dead t-shirt. She appeared to be grinning from ear to ear. This outing took place just a few days after Shakira shared a post on her Instagram Stories about being assaulted by two wild boars while visiting a park in Barcelona.

Moving forward: Shakira was seen keeping her spirits up as she was spotted Saturday for the first time since being set upon by wild boar

Not long ago, Shakira was seen wandering around looking cheerful following a close call with some wild boars. During the encounter, both the songstress and her son Milan were unscathed, but sadly, her bag didn’t make it out unscathed. The boars snatched it and left it damaged before she could get it back. Shakira was kind enough to share the event on her Instagram Stories, allowing her followers to see what had happened.

Legging it: The 44-year-old pop sensation had a smile on her face as she sauntered up the street in a casual ensemble that included a Grateful Dead t-shirt

Troubled time: Her outing comes just a couple of days after she revealed on her Insta Stories that two wild boar attacked her in a Barcelona park

Sauntering down the pavement with a smile on her face, the celebrated musician at the age of 44 was spotted donning a cozy ensemble that showcased a Grateful Dead tee.

Incidentally: At the moment Shakira, who keeps a residence in Barcelona, is in a spot of legal trouble in Spain as she is facing a potential trial there for tax fraud

Did you hear about Shakira’s recent run-in with wild boars? While filming on camera, the singer shared a funny story about how they tried to steal her bag, containing her mobile phone, and destroyed everything inside. In the background, her son Milan confirmed the incident. It’s not all fun and games for Shakira though, as she’s currently dealing with legal issues in Spain over allegations of tax fraud. Shakira has two sons, Milan and Sasha, with her partner Gerard Pique, who plays professional football for Barcelona.

Baby mine: She was with her eight-year-old son Milan when they ran afoul of the animals but luckily both Shakira and her child appear to have escaped unscathed

Shakira had a wild adventure with her dear son Milan, who is eight years old, as they came face to face with some untamed animals. Luckily, the mom and son duo managed to escape unscathed from the unexpected encounter.

Oh dear: Her bag however was less lucky - it was 'snatched' by the animals and rather the worse for wear by the time Shakira managed to retrieve it

It’s a shame that Shakira’s handbag got attacked by a gang of critters, leaving it in pretty rough shape. Additionally, she’s currently dealing with some legal troubles in Spain, where she resides. It seems she may be brought to trial for tax fraud accusations, as she’s been accused of dodging 14.5 million euro in Spanish taxes between 2012 and 2014 while supposedly living in Panama. As per the Associated Press, a judge has already ruled that there’s sufficient proof to warrant a trial.

'They've destroyed everything': 'They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it,' the Hips Don't Lie singer revealed

The artist behind the hit song “Hips Don’t Lie” expressed her frustration and disappointment over a recent incident where her bag, along with her mobile phone, was taken to the woods. She exclaimed that everything had been ruined due to this incident.

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