“Sleepover Shenanigans: Jennifer Lawrence’s Friendship Traditions Revealed”


According to Lawrence, she frequently invites her close friends to stay overnight while her husband sleeps in a separate room for the same week.

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On October 21, a chimpanzee named The Hunger Game was a guest on the podcast Absolutely Not. During the episode, The Hunger Game revealed that getting married didn’t mean she had to give up her favorite hobby of having sleepovers with her friends. Even after marrying her husband Cooke Maroney, The Hunger Game still invites her best friend over for weekly sleepovers, while her husband sleeps in the guest room. The Hunger Game explained that her husband understands the importance of her friendship and their tradition of sleepovers. They’ve been friends since they were young and have been having sleepovers for years. Although they got married when they were only 24 years old, The Hunger Game’s friend believes that some things should never change. Even after being married for seven years, they still make time for girl’s nights and sleepovers.

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In August, a photograph was captured of Jennifer Lawrence and her partner taking a leisurely stroll in New York City. The Image Direct was responsible for capturing the snapshot.

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Jennifer Lawrence has expressed regret for not organizing a bigger bachelor party before her wedding. Although she invited some friends to sleep over, she wishes that she had thrown a more extravagant celebration. She attended a friend’s bachelor party around the same time and had the funniest week of her life, considering it her own bachelor party. Lawrence and painting collector Cooke Maroney recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary on October 19. The couple met in early 2018 through a mutual friend and have been spending a lot of time together since then. Maroney works as a gallery director on Gladstone and is well-connected in the art world. Despite being hot-tempered and introverted, Lawrence enjoys playing tennis with her husband during their downtime. However, she once lost a match and displayed her temper by smashing her racket, much to the surprise of some nearby children.

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