“The Enigmatic Dress of Katy Perry: Unraveling the Secrets of Her Tissue-Stuffed Cleavage”

Katy Perry made a statement at the premiere after-party of her latest movie with an interesting fashion accessory. At the event, the renowned singer was spotted sporting a bra stuffed with multiple tissues as she promoted her new film, Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D in Los Angeles.

During an after-party for her movie premiere, Katy Perry was seen sporting a tissue inside her dress to enhance her cleavage. Despite wearing a strapless outfit, the tissue was noticeable every time she leaned forward. It is unclear why she chose to use extra padding given her naturally plentiful assets. Maybe Katy can explain this unusual choice? Moreover, the pop star and Rihanna were caught on camera playfully feeding each other strawberries.

During the promotion of her 3D movie “Katy Perry: A Part Of Me,” Katy Perry, the renowned singer of the popular song “I Kissed A Girl,” was seen wearing a stunning strapless gown.

Before heading to Chateau Marmont, Katy took the necessary measures to ensure a comfortable visit by packing her own tissue paper just in case the restroom ran out of stock. The ambience of the establishment closely resembles that of a festive setting.

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