The secret of Selena Gomez to have a body with light, spotless skin

The secret of Selena Gomez to have a body with light, spotless skin? In an interview for Vogue, Selena has revealed her favorite ice cream and people are quite surprised when she uses it body lotion less than 20 euros.

Selena Gomez has revealed her favorite ice cream: Bum Bum of Sol de Janeiro. A moisturizer with guaraná extract, a grape seed derived from Amazonia, has the benefit of making skin toning, purify and nourish the skin.

“ When I returned from a trip travel and the skin started to peel off, I used Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum cream. A cream that promises smooth skin like Brazilian women in the summer”.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez, now also the head of a beauty empire called Rare Beauty.

Selena’s beauty habits include only cleanser and moisturizer and body lotion.

With the principle of moisturizing and smooth skin so that the skin is brightened, Selena often opens the shower very hot for the sauna, when the skin is already wet, She will apply exfoliating cream to clean the skin from deep inside. Next will be a clay mask for the body for 15 minutes so that the skin is best detoxified and moisturized.

Sharing the secret of facial beauty, Selena Gomez honestly she wasn’t too complicated because from birth she had possessed a beautiful skin. In particular, she always adheres to the principle of cleansing and washing her face with a face washer after the end of a tiring working day.

Selena Gomez’s secret to beauty is to burn excess fat, toxic to the radiant healthy skin.

Selena minded in life, no one is perfect, each of us is unique and rare.

“What are the beauty elements not to be missed in your makeup cabinet?”, Selena shared: “In terms of makeup, I have red lipstick, loose eyeliner and blush. In terms of skin care, I need to have the moisturizing fog of Rare Beauty, an all-in-one product, act as a lining cream and a radiant enhancer”.

The Selana body lotion used has anti-aging properties, limiting the effect of time on the skin. The best time to apply body lotion is in the evening, because this is when the skin easily absorbs the most nourishment.

Bí quyết của Selena Gomez để có thân hình với làn da sáng không tì vết

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