Vin Diesel Receives Honorary Doctorate from Hunter College, 30 Years After Dropping Out

Vin Diesel has achieved a significant milestone in his academic journey by receiving an honorary PhD from Hunter College in New York, after having dropped out almost three decades ago. The ceremony was held at the iconic Radio City Music Hall, and the distinction has now granted him the title of Doctor of Human Letters in English.

Vin Diesel, the Hollywood star who left Hunter College in New York almost 30 years ago to pursue his acting career, was bestowed with an honorary PhD from the same college on Wednesday. It is a great achievement for the college graduate-turned-actor and a source of inspiration for many others who aspire to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Vin Diesel was awarded an honorary PhD from Hunter College, which made him a Doctor of Humane Letters in English. He donned a traditional gown along with light-colored pants and dark boots, completing the look with dark sunglasses. However, the highlight of the day was his broad smile, reflecting his happiness. In his commencement speech, he acknowledged the lasting impact that Hunter College had on him. Even when he was in Hollywood, he took pride in the education he received from Hunter College, which he always mentioned to people. Furthermore, he emphasized the diversity of the student body and how it had helped shape him as a young bouncer attending classes.

In his commencement speech, the Fast and Furious star expressed his admiration for Hunter College and how it played a significant role in shaping his life. He spoke highly of the impact the college had on him, showcasing his college pride.

Vin Diesel reveals how his time at Hunter College helped him prepare for Hollywood’s challenges. He describes the students there as determined and capable of overcoming anything, an attitude he carried with him into the entertainment industry.

Diesel made the bold decision to drop out of college after three years to pursue his passion for acting. He spoke out about the lack of diversity in Hollywood and how it affected him as a multi-cultural individual. Despite leaving his English degree behind, Diesel’s determination propelled him to success in Hollywood with blockbuster hits like the Fast and Furious franchise, The Chronicles of Riddick series, and xXx series. Born in Alameda County, California, Diesel has three children with Mexican model Paloma Jiminez. His inspiring story teaches us that anything is possible if we have the drive to pursue our dreams.

It’s time to celebrate college pride as Diesel is ecstatically receiving an honorary PhD from Hunter College in New York.

Diesel showed off his action-star charm by striking a pose with his trademark smirk during the premiere of The Chronicles of Riddick in London back in August 2004.

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